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DORS-TO-INDIA was founded by two Portesham residents in 2006. We are a small local charity which supports some of the poorest children in Tamil Nadu, India, through their education.

The Indian economy is growing. Despite this the World Bank estimated in 2019 that India still has 24% of the world's poor and that a third of children have left school by 14.


Opening the door to school lies at the heart of our work because it provides the surest route out of poverty. However, the challenges remain huge. Children of poor families are less likely to enrol in and complete schooling even when it is "free". The cost of uniforms, supplies and transport is often beyond the families' means. As the children grow, the cost of their lost labour becomes greater, increasing the likelihood of leaving school.


Through regular donations from members and by holding fundraising events and activities we currently support 62 children through school from age 5 to 18. Five young people who completed school with our support are now going through university with ongoing sponsorship.

But school is only part of the story. Working with an experienced organisation in the region, we help fund centres that give the children somewhere to do their homework and extra tuition. Once at school they must stay well to learn, so we also fund health camps to screen for and treat common ailments.


There are many more children we could help if we had more sponsors. Sponsorship costs £6.00 a month, and with that you can support a child through the whole of their school education.

You can also support our fundraising events or make a donation.

Finally you can contribute used printer cartridges and unwanted foreign currency as well as CDs and DVDs.


For more information, to sponsor a child, to donate used printer cartridges, old CDs and DVDs or old coins or notes from any country please contact Dors-to-India secretary Christine Voce:

Email dorstoindia@gmail.com or call 07490 372212.

"Investing in education is the single most effective way of reducing poverty."

Global partnership for education

Dors-to-India Christmas Auction   


As we were unable to hold our planned spring fund raising event, Dors-to-India is holding a Virtual Christmas Charity Auction. Bids can be submitted by email, post and phone. We have a lovely selection of items and promises you can buy; some of them would make perfect Christmas presents!  You can start bidding now and the virtual hammer will fall at midnight on 30th November.

Here’s what you can buy:

  • A guided walk for two people on Cranborne Chase with lunch at Cranborne Garden Centre.

  • A unique and beautiful pendant from Shoreline Silver jewellers.

  • A dinner party for six people, freshly cooked and delivered to your home.

  • A trip for up to three people on a R.I.B. to Durdle Door and to visit the Cruise Ships in Weymouth Bay.

  • A Family Ticket for a visit to Abbotsbury Gardens.

  • A home-made cake baked for you every month for a year.

  • A garment hand knitted to your pattern and with your yarn.

  • Vouchers for ten exercise classes in Portesham Village Hall.

  • Ten hours personal assistant time – get help with all those jobs you have been putting off!

  • Two strong people to work in your garden for half a day.

  • A portrait session with professional photographer in their studio.

  • A beautiful tray painted by a local artist.

  • A handmade quilt from a local craftsperson.

  • An Indian meal for six people, freshly cooked and delivered to your home.

  • A bottle of Col Fondo sparkling wine from Little Waddon Vineyard.

  • Breakfast for two at Ducks Café in Portesham.


To get more information about the items, including photographs, please either:

  • see the full list on our website ‘dorstoindia.com’   or

  • click here to download a separate document showing photos of the lots or

  • email us at  dorstoindia@gmail.com and you will be sent the full details or

  • give our secretary, Christine Voce, a call on 07490 372212. She will send you a lot sheet which has all the details and which includes a form for making a postal bid.


It’s easy to make a bid, you can:

  • email dorstoindia@gmail.com or

  • phone our secretary Christine on 07490 372212 or 

  • fill in the form on the information sheet and send it to 9 Portesham Hill, Portesham DT3 4EU or

  • write a letter to Dors-to- India at 9 Portesham Hill, Portesham, DT3 4EU.


All bids will be kept completely confidential.  If you make a bid or express an interest then every week in November we will let you know how much the leading bid for each item is. 


The auction closes at midnight on 30th November.  The successful bidders will be notified on Tuesday 1stDecember.  


Every penny raised will go to Dors-to-India’s work, there are no overheads for this event.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!   

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