Automobile Society

It was in the pub, sat at the bar, on a quiet winter’s eve, a couple of years ago, that an idea suddenly sprung to mind.
•  You may not be surprised to learn that there are a fair few petrol-heads in our village, that love to show their pride and joys and enjoy seeing others display theirs.
•  The church hold their Open Gardens weekend in the summer (it is fixed as the nearest weekend to St Peter’s Day, the 29th June) and The Kings Arms Public House has a delightful garden that is always open..…..
When Jo & Lee confirmed they would be happy for it to become our show-ground the MOTOR SHOW was born, the inaugural one being MOTOR SHOW 2017.

A group name was then needed, for those of us interested in motors, some of whom actually own one or two but that is definitely no prerequisite  -  it should be in keeping with a small and nostalgic village group, reminding people of a bygone age  -  the PORTESHAM AUTOMOBILE SOCIETY seemed as good a name as any other.

However, the MOTOR SHOW is thus called so we may exhibit an eclectic mix and not just vehicles of a certain age, as is generally found in many a Classic Car Show.

We now have two events under our belt, MOTOR SHOW 2017 and MOTOR SHOW 2018.
They will always be in conjunction with the church’s Open Garden’s weekend and the raffle tickets, that are sold in the garden on the day and the week before in the pub, will be in aid of St Peter’s Church funds.
However, going forward, we also hope to raise some additional money which will initially help towards the running costs of the show and should we have any excess, this will be donated to local village causes of our choice.

Anyone in the Chesil Bank Parish area (I realise it’s called the Portesham Automobile Society but that is simply because it’s where our main event will always be held) with an interest in motors, whether they be 2, 3, 4 or more wheeled (or none, it just needs a motor!) is very welcome to join us, our current members’ age range is 15 to 75!

The date for MOTOR SHOW 2019 is Sunday 30th June 2019