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Men and Women connected with the Parish of Portesham on active service for King and Country with the British Armed Forces for the duration of World War 2    1939 - 1945:

Charles Bartlett                  Dorsetshire Regiment.

William Bartlett                  Royal Artillery.

Wilfred Brown                    Royal Navy.

Jack Burden                       Royal Navy.

Raymond Clark  *              Royal Artillery.

Cyril Clarke                         E.Africa

Ernest Connolly  *             Royal Army Service Corps.

Nigel Cox                           Royal Navy.

Basil Dike                            Royal Artillery.

Leonard Dowton                Royal Army Service Corps.

William Dowton                 Dorsetshire Regiment.

Edward Dowton                 Dorsetshire Regiment.

James Duck                        Royal Air Force.

John Duck                          Royal Army Service Corps.

Forrest Duck                       Royal Army Service Corps.

Robert Duck                       Royal Navy.

Sydney Dunford                 Royal Air Force.

Tom Godden                      Royal Air Force.

Reginald Griffiths               Royal Air Force.

Ronald Guyon                    Royal Armoured Corps.

Betty Halford                      Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Reginald Hallett                 Royal Air Force.

Gladys Hallett                     Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Harold Hodder.                   Merchant Navy.

Barbara House                    Women's Royal Navy Service.

Alan Johnson  *                   Royal Air Force.

Bruce Johnson  *                 Royal Air Force.

Jack Jolliffe                          Signals.

Percy Joyce                          Royal Engineers.

Victor de Labalmondiere    Royal Navy.

Edward Lane                        Dorsetshire Regiment.

Frederick Lane                     South East Asia Command.

Ronald Lovell                       Dorsetshire Regiment.

Eric Magawly  *                   Wiltshire Regiment.

Thomas Mayo                      Merchant Navy.

Dick Portsmouth                  Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Victor Randall  *                   Royal Navy  HMS Hood

Edward Roper                      Gloucestershire Regiment.

Reginald Roper                    Dorsetshire Regiment.

Charles Roper                      Pioneer Corps.

Ronald Sibley                       Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Cecil Sibley                          Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Marjorie Spiller                    Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Ronald Stickland                  Royal Air Force.

Charles Smith                      Royal Marines.

William Smith.                     Merchant Navy

Edward Swaffield                 Royal Air Force.

Ralph Swaffield                    Royal Army Service Corps.

Nesta Symonds                   Auxiliary Territorial Service.

George Toms                       Royal Navy.

Harry Toms                           Welsh Regiment.

Herbert Toms.                      Royal Army Service Corps.

William Toms                       Royal Navy.

James Way  *                      Coldstream Guards

Dudley Way                         Royal Air Force.

Ernest White                        Royal Air Force.

David Woodcock                Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Percy Woodsford                Royal Navy.


Those who served in

the Portesham

Home Guard

1939 - 1945:

Percy Chalden 7

Bill Chipp 10

Major Collingwood 16

Cyrell Godden 8

Bill Halford 15

Bill Hansford 2

Len Harding 6

Charl Hodder 5

Charlie Hodder 9

Fred Hodder 18

Bill Hunt 17

Jack Jolliffe 12

Percy Kellaway 4

George Reed 11

Bert Swaffield 19

Bill Vine 1

Arthur Woodsford 13

Harold Young 3



1939 - 1945

Raymond Clarke   Royal Artillery

Ernest Connolly  Royal  Army Service Corps

Bruce Johnston   Royal Air Force

Alan Johnston   Royal Air Force 

Eric Magawly   Wiltshire Regiment

Victor Randall   Royal Navy HMS Hood

James Way   Coldstream Guards

1914 - 1918

Walter Bartlett   Royal Marines

Charles Dunford   Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary

James Ford   4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers


William Gill   Royal Navy HMS Broke

Joseph Jolliffe   5th Dorset Regiment

William Jolliffe   5th Dorset Regiment

Frederick Lovell   5th Dorset Regiment

Charles Newman   4th Dorset Regiment

Walter Riggs   5th Dorset Regiment

William Riggs   Royal Artillery

Sidney Rogers   15th Hampshire Regiment

Lewis Thompson   Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry

Walter Toms   Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry

Alfred Woodsford   1st Scots  Guards


Cenetaph opening 1918

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