The Chesil is an independent, self-supporting monthly magazine,

run entirely by voluntary effort for the benefit of Abbotsbury, Langton Herring, Rodden, Fleet and Portesham

It is full of very useful local information, together with articles written by local people and includes a Diary of regular meetings, what is going on and where.

To have your magazine delivered for an annual fee of just £13.00 please contact your local distributor below

Editor: Rosemary Rees   871079

22 Glebe Close, Abbotsbury

Advertising Manager: Tina Raymond   07765 021555

39, East Road, Bridport

Treasurer: Leslie Smith      871489    

3, Manor Farm Walk, Portesham

Distribution Manager: David Cox


Abbotsbury:   Nigel Melville    871800   14, Rodden Row

Portesham:    Anita Buckland    871751   10, Front Street

Langton Herring:   Peter Hughes   871708    Lerret Cottage, Shop Lane

Rodden and Fleet:    David Cox.  as above

Material submitted to the Editor is accepted on the understanding that the views expressed are those of the writer and are not necessarily endorsed by The Chesil Magazine. Material should be sent by e-mail, paper material delivered to the Editor (see above) by the 14th of the month (and the 10th of the month every December.

Anonymous pieces must be discussed with the Editor, who reserves the right to reject, amend or shorten all material submitted. 

Advertising in The Chesil and Charges

All matters should be addressed to the Advertising Manager (see above) by the 10th of the month. It would be appreciated if advertisers settled invoices within 30 days.

Personal adverts: 30p per word, minimum charge £3.00 not boxed


Size          1 month          3 months       Year

                                                (B/W: Colour)


1/8            £5.00              £14.00        £50.00    £75.00

1/4            £10.00            £28.00        £100.00  £150.00

1/2            £20.00            £55.00        £200.00  £300.00

Charity Notices

Boxed notices for local charitable events of 1/8 page will normally be inserted without charge (commercial rates apply above that and should be sent to the Editor. If space cannot be found we will place the event in the diary.