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In partnership with M.A.P.24 
Sunday 7th JULY


Last July was possibly our best show to date and brought in an exciting eclectic mix of motors ranging from a Dakar Rally support truck to the latest e-powered Porsche and everything in between with our winners being:

Best in Show - Bruce's gorgeous Red E-Type (inaugural winner 2017) 

Most Character - Paula's delightful Austin 7

Members choice - Dan's fantastic Paris Dakar Truck 

Coby's Quiz  -  Yvonne Webb

This year we are celebrating Portesham's millennium and remembering the 80th anniversary of operation Overlord by displaying a few military vehicles of the time.

Any funds raised will go towards the show and our millennium celebrations.




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It was in the Kings Arms on a quiet winter's eve, sitting comfortably at the bar alongside Chris, a friend and fellow villager, chinwagging about the vehicles we owned and where we took them etc when an idea began to slowly evolve in our minds. 

You may not be surprised to learn that there are a fair few petrol-heads within our village, who love to show their pride & joys and enjoy seeing others display theirs. 

So, when Jo & Lee confirmed they would be happy for The Kings Arms garden to become our showground, the PORTESHAM MOTOR SHOW was born with the inaugural event being MOTOR SHOW 2017.

All that was then required was a group name, ideally in keeping with a small and nostalgic village group, reminding folk of a bygone age. The PORTESHAM AUTOMOBILE SOCIETY seemed most appropriate, but so we could exhibit an eclectic mix and not just vehicles of a certain age as is generally found in many a Classic Car Show, we named our event the MOTOR SHOW.


A very British MOTOR SHOW took place on Sunday 6th September 2020

We had some fantastic vehicles and, it so happened, they were all "Made in Britain" :

 Thanks go to The Kings Arms for allowing it to happen

Colin - 1904 Humber Olympian.  Tristan - Morgan 3 Wheeler.  John - Stag, NG TA and Oxford Allen Scythe!

Bruce - E-Type and winning XK120.  Mike - Interceptor.  Michael - MG TF.  Mike - MGB GT.  Paul - MG Midget

Danny - TR6.  Steve - Aston AMV8.  Keith - Aston DB7.  Stewart - Aston Vantage V8

Portesham Motor Show 2017
Portesham Motor Show 2018
Portesham Motor Show 2019
Portesham Motor Show 2020
2021 MShow Poster blue-3.jpg

Despite it being called the Portesham Automobile Society, anyone within the Chesil Bank Parish with an interest in motors, whether they be 2, 3, 4 or more wheeled (or none, it just needs a motor) is very welcome to join us. Our current members' ages range from 14 to 84.

We raised funds in 2019 to help buy the defibrillator which can be found in the Kings Arms Front Street foyer

With grateful thanks to John Nunney for the use of his amazing photographic and design skills

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