Early Portesham Postcards


Front Street

Granny Ford and George Samways' grandfather in Church Lane

Blacksmith, Front Street

Mr Woodsford in Front Street

Mr Stickland (left) and Mr Hodder

The Wheelwright at Springhead (previously next to Dovecote cottages).

Youngsters could earn a tanner (6d/2.5p) a morning for turning their lathe by hand!

Village Green (The Knapp)

1 The Knapp by New Road

Church Lane

The "Hellstones"

Back Street

Front Street

Back Street


The Blacksmith's 

Brick Hill 1962

The Ford   New Road

The Bakery opposite Springhead

Photo courtesy of Ruth Treves-Brown & information Robin Harding

The Bakery at the top of Front Street also sold groceries and general items. The Dike family lived behind the shop which was run by Robin's grandmother, Mrs Harding. His uncle, Sid Dike was the master baker who made wonderful bread and scrumptious flaky pastry jam tarts!

His grandparents lived next to the Samways' house opposite.

The Dike family moved from here to run the biggest independent supermarket in the West Country, Dike & Sons Ltd, Stalbridge.

George Jolliffe's Shop  -  Front Street

With thanks to Robin Jolliffe for providing the information:

George is the Great Grandfather to Robin, Graham & Martin, all residents of Portesham.

George was born in Possum in 1856, one of eight children of James and Hannah Jolliffe (nee Bartlett).

James was described in the 1881 census as a shopkeeper, but he was previously a carrier running a weekly wagon to Weymouth and Bridport.

George also helped run the carrier business but he is listed in the subsequent census  as a Dairyman, Grocer, Coalman and by 1901, also a shopkeeper.

He married Susan Hodder in 1857 and they had four children, Lily, Sidney, Ethel and Leonard (Robin's 


The shop, at No 22 Front Street, was built around 1850 and George was the tennant from 1908.

Whilst he concentrated on farming (see below), Ethel, his youngest daughter, ran the shop, which was a typical village general store selling a wide range of goods.

Tragically Ethel died of tuberculosis in 1921, aged only 33. Her sister, Lily, also died of the same illness two years later. The shop then closed and sadly never reopened.

Robin still has a few artefacts from the shop, the hooks used in the window displays and weights used in the shop.

Both George and Susan died in February 1931, just three weeks apart, and are buried in Possum cemetery.

Haymaking with Mr George Jolliffe at the forefront.

The Willows

Victoria Terrace

The Fountain Inn


Front Street

Accident at George Samways' House, Springhead


Front Street

Tha Half Moon with MGA


The Knapp

Fire at the Hodder's house


The King's Arms

New Buildings by Springhead

The Manor House

The Ford 

New Road

The Old Malthouse

Portesham Percussion Band!

Portesham FC


Portesham FC


Portesham FC


Possum House

Replaced by a newer Possum House, built by Lieutenant Ryan in 1967 and regularly visited by The Prince of Wales

In the garden of Possum House (then, The Pleasaunce),

Mr Manfield's donkey

led by Jack Cooper and driven by Bill Vine

The Post Office

Portesham School

The Reading Room

The Blacksmith

Smokey Hole, Cemetery Road

Portesham Station, it's still there but now known as Sleepers

Shepherd's Cottage

Threshing at Manor Farm


King George V Silver Jubilee Fete


Water Wheel - Mill stream Millmead


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