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The Portesham Map

[Refurbished by the Portesham Volunteer Group in 2023 using funds donated by John Surowiec & Keith Whittock]

Created by local people to record and share their village heritage.
View it on The Green opposite the Kings Arms.
Some sections of the complete work are included below.

Started in 2012, it  was formally unveiled in Sept 2015 by the Chair of the Dorset AONB Partnership Board, Mr Jim White MBE.

The project would not have been possible without financial contributions from the local community, the Chesil Bank Parish Council and the Dorset Ridgeway Project.

Teacher, Annie Aldridge,  involved local children.

Bill Halford contributed history and local folklore.

John Suroweic steered the project and provided information on geology, geography and local industry.

Graham Whitby focussed on ecology and landscape.

Keith Whittock, an excellent source of history and prehistory, created all artwork and drew the final map.


All Artwork on this page, Copyright ©  2020   Keith Whittock 

Portesham name.jpg

Villagers provided much information, including school children who devoted curriculum time to mapping the history of Thomas Masterman Hardy, whose monument crowns the ridge to the north of Portesham.

Ancient Siites.jpg
Past and Present.jpg
St Peters.jpg
The Manor.jpg
Portesham House.jpg
Waddon House.jpg
Old Portesham.jpg
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