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A testimonial by 

Hywel Jeffcott


George, an Emden goose, was to be found in and around the 

village pond where he lived, certainly for at least 20 years, but some would say nearer 40!

A few weeks ago he had taken to flying into the pond each morning again, after recovering from a road traffic accident 

several years ago and was looking fit and healthy.

Each year he would take it upon himself to look after a family of ducklings, guiding them carefully along the road and showing protective aggression to any who dared to venture near his surrogate brood.

Charlotte, from the RSPCA, came to the pond to help him end his suffering as he had been attacked by a dog a few days ago and had fluid on his 

lungs. Charlotte was very gentle and the villagers that George loved most were there with him. 

If you would like to give a donation to the RSPCA please do so here, thank you.

You can also find a donation box, in the shape of a Mallard duck, near the garden entrance of the Kings Arms.

All funds raised will go towards food for our pond's birdlife and to 

purchase a pair of goslings 

ready to live on the pond next spring.

The box was last emptied in October realising a sum of nearly £70.00!

Such a wonderful character will be missed by many a villager, particularly those folk who fed and watered him daily.....

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