Portesham Refugee Support Group


An open meeting was held in Portesham Village Hall in late March, to establish what, if anything, the community could do to support/host Ukrainian Refugees wishing to settle in this country.

The response was superb, over 50 people attended and most offered financialial support and/or help in integrating Ukrainian guests into our community. Three households offered to host a family on an initial 6 months basis until more permanent accommodation could be found.

As a result of that meeting, we established the Portesham Refugee Support Group (PRSG), with the aim of providing practical support to both refugees and potential hosts.

The PRSG has established links with Governmental, Community and Charitable Organisations to further our understanding of the need and how we as a community can best support this initiative.

After much work, we are welcoming our first family into the village in the week commencing 6th June and all involved will be working hard to ensure that we provide the support and help that both hosts and refugees are going to need.

The need now is for help from the wider community. We are looking for three things:

  1. Financial support for our guests for an initial period of 6 months, by way of a monthly donation via the PRSG fund.

  2. Practical support in terms of helping to integrate them into our community and with the practicalities of moving to, and living in a foreign country.

  3.  Most importantly, we are looking for accommodation that the family of 5 (3 women and 2 children) can move into within the initial 6-month period, where they can establish their independence in a home for the medium to long term. Such accommodation, the rental costs which could be partially or fully covered if required, would hopefully be available for 1 to 2 years.

If you have not already offered your help, and are able to do so, we would really appreciate hearing from you with offers of practical support. If you are able to offer financial support please contact our Treasurer, Lesley Balmer, to make the necessary arrangements.

If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee listed below.

John Mason (Chair)    871117

Lesley Balmer (Treasurer)    871124

Geoff Hawtin   871043

Vaughan Jones   871740

Many, many thanks for your support!!!

Let's make them feel welcome.