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Portesham Hedgehog Group


A village group (part of the Dorset Mammal Group) instigated by Sarah Woolley and Graham Whitby.

LATEST NEWS. 2nd August 2020:

I hope you are all keeping well.

thought you might like to know that we rescued a baby hedgehog yesterday. He was spotted wandering across Back Street during the day - which, as we know, is a bad sign. He was kindly picked up by Paul White, we've fed him well, he's drunk lots and is now happily doing well in my back garden. It reminded me to mention, please do leave water out at night for our hedgehogs and if you see any wandering around during the day please call me on 07801733345.

Also, if someone lets you know they've got a hedgehog, please encourage them to get in touch and join the group by emailing me, SarahWooley, at

Here are a few pictures of our new friend.


We also have hedgehog signs, from Susy Varndell (Hedgehog Leader Dorset Mammal Group), to put up in the village. They are small but, hopefully, effective, especially as we had a sad casualty by the pub on Front Street last week.

Graham and I are going to find out how best these can go up while keeping everyone happy.

Best Wishes


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