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Welcome to Portesham, a beautiful West Dorset village, superbly located for access to the spectacular World Heritage Jurassic CoastSouth West Coastal Path and South Dorset Ridgeway, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and only a short drive from Weymouth, Dorchester or Bridport.

Find out what's going on in the locality, join a group, volunteer, or phone a plumber - you'll find all sorts of useful information here on our community website.

According to King Canute's charter of 1023, in two years time, Portesham will be having its 1000th anniversary, and a page has been created here in preparation.

Why not contact us with your ideas and they will be added to POSSUM1000 ready for some future meeting in The Kings Arms!

Please have a look, there's several on there already...

You may find it useful to have your NHS number to hand for when you are called up for the vaccine and you can find it on any NHS repeat prescription slips, correspondence or through their app. 

Are you a carer?

Portesham Surgery has a dedicated carers lead, who can support you with your caring role.

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Can Social Prescribing help you?

Portesham Surgery now has a social prescribing team. They can help you focus on your health and wellbeing by taking a more holistic approach.

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The place to see and contribute towards the

village's latest news and views

We have over 80 members now, the majority of them having Admin status, so there is every chance you will already know someone in it  -  just ask "that someone" to add you!

   2  Dorothy Coombes (nee Chipp)   5  William Chipp   9 Jack Jolliffe    12 George Samways  

 18 Betty Hodder (nee Halford)     27 Rena Dike (nee Halford)    34 Eric Jolliffe    35 John Harding 

Latest addition from our WhatsApp group, courtesy of Robin's Aunty Ruth Treves-Brown (nee Harding).

                                           -      Portesham School 1932.

There are a few relatives of Portesham Help & Chat Group members', villagers Anne, Ruth, Robin H & Robin J and Bill's 2 sisters. He has kindly tried to put a name to some of the faces he vaguely recognises from when he was a pupil there, a little more recently, in 1939! 

Can we add any more?


Elizabeth's short story : 

Archie Carberry's Adventures is located in: Living/Local/Village Tales

Great News....


We have new geese! 

Thanks to Graham Parker & Graham Whitby for flying them in, free of charge, from Litton Cheney,







The Mallard collection box in the Kings Arms, near their garden entrance, was opened recently and was found to contain nearly £70.00 due to some very generous donations after the sad loss of George, our village goose.

These funds will go towards buying some goslings in the spring and to purchase duck food.

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Easy listening music added here for your perusing pleasure - courtesy of local musician, composer & music teacher Lucy Hackett


It's a spacious, modern hall ideally situated on the edge of our historic and picturesque village in the heart of the Dorset countryside.

With 3 rooms for hire, a small garden and a car park, you can hire the whole hall for a special event or any of the rooms that suit your needs.

Portesham Heritage

High above the village on Blackdown Hill, is  the magnificent 72 ft stone monument to Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy GCB, our famous 19th century resident, who fought under Admiral Lord Nelson as Captain of HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.​​

It was the most important sea battle of the 19th century, resulting in the British Navy, becoming the world's largest sea power for the next 100 years. 

Comet Neowise   - 19th July  2020   -  next viewing  8786AD...

As is tradition, named after the discoverer: NASA's space telescope "Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer"

Vice-Admiral Thomas Masterman Hardy

As Nelson died it is well documented that he was overheard by those around him to say "Kiss me Hardy"; however, the Victorian's much preferred to believe that it was "Kismet Hardy" that was said, 'kismet' being the Turkish word for FATE.

The current owners of Hardy's House have a  fascinating tale of fate and coincidence to tell you relating to the very recent discovery of the lost original sundial that started its life here, in the garden of Portesham House, nearly 250 years ago!

Read that story HERE.


Do you have a  Portesham story you'd like to share ?  Tell it HERE and read it HERE!

Created by local people to record and share their village heritage.

View it on The Green opposite the Kings Arms.

More detailed images of the map can be found on the Portesham Map page  

It's now nearly 50 years since this little booklet was created to celebrate the Centenary of Portesham Church School and 100 years of Portesham history.

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Take a walk on the wild side ...

Photography - Copyright ©  2020  Geoffrey Thomas

Our Favourite!

Dorset Rights of Way

Click on the Dorset Explorer map below to view the Pink (footpath) or Green (bridleway) Rights of Way.

Select the Base Map Icon on the right hand toolbar to turn on the Ordinance Survey map. 

Use it with Location on your mobile phone to accurately find your position along the many beautiful walks around Portesham.

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